Hospital introduction


Mahidol University is the oldest institution of higher education in Thailand. It was founded in 1888 and was formerly known as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He is well known in the fields of medicine, public health and natural sciences. In the only university ranking conducted by the Ministry of Education of Thailand so far, the teaching level and scientific research ability are the first in the country.

The Millennium Reproductive Center is a tube specialist hospital under the Mahidol University. Headquartered in the core area of Bangkok, Thailand, and has an office in China. He was personally presided over by Professor Kun Nanshan, a famous Asian embryologist from Mahidol University, and hired a number of professors and doctors from the Reproductive Center of the University Hospital to personally attend the clinic. The lineup of experts and doctors is strong, and the embryonic laboratory is personally created by Professor Kun Nanshan. Equipped with world-class upgraded embryoscopes and an international standard NGS&PGS sterile laboratory.

Because the Millennium Reproductive Center is a non-profit organization controlled by the National University, the center's aim is to serve the public as the core concept and not to pursue profitability. The mainstream media and TV stations in Thailand have been widely reported and are highly regarded by the local people in Thailand.

 Classic Case   

Thailand's IVF technology and success rate ranks first in Asia. The Mennium Reproductive Center is the exclusive hospital of Mahidol University, the top medical school in Thailand. It has the most authoritative medical experts in Thailand and the most advanced third-generation test tubes in Thailand. Technology and laboratory, high success rate guarantee, is definitely the best choice for your dream of having a baby.



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