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How much does the IVF hospital cost in Thailand?

2019-06-26 14:31:55

Nowadays, more and more young couples are unable to pass the natural conception and have symptoms of infertility. For infertile patients, if you want to have children, you should pass the test tube technology. At present, there are relatively many IVF hospitals in Thailand, but many people will choose the Millennium Reproductive Center in Thailand. The main reason is that medical facilities are advanced and the success rate is high. Of course, when doing this assisted pregnancy technology, there will be infertility patients consulted, what is the cost of the Thai IVF hospital? And other related issues.

For many people, there is relatively little understanding of the test tube, an assisted reproductive technology, and it is always considered relatively expensive. In fact, the cost of the Thai IVF hospital is not so expensive, and the average family can afford it. Under normal circumstances, the cost is about 80,000 yuan to 90,000 yuan. The specific cost depends on the individual's physical condition. In addition, transportation expenses, food and beverage expenses and accommodation fees are also required.

When it comes to the clearing of the cost of the IVF hospital in Thailand, it is important to understand the relevant cost items. This is relatively important. It mainly includes pre-operative husband and wife examination costs, drug ovulation and follicle monitoring costs. At the same time, there are surgery fees, embryo freezing fees, embryo management fees and other expenses, as well as the cost of surgery and experimental operation. This part of the medical expenses, because of the different treatment options, there will be some differences. Sex. Of course, different patients, the corresponding situation is different, the required inspection items are different, and the cost required will be different. Therefore, when considering the cost, you should have a comprehensive understanding.