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What are the advantages of IVF in Thailand? Why do so many people choose to go to Thailand to assist in pregnancy?

2019-06-28 10:51:05

Nowadays, there are more and more families to help pregnant women in Thailand. There are one or more problems in each family. This is correct for the customer. After all, it is not a trivial matter to do the test tube, so a family will mobilize. I want to know the advantages of this assisted reproduction. Why do you choose the Thai Test Tube Hospital to help you?

Regarding why this question is chosen, the Millennium Reproductive Center lists four points for everyone to explain:
1.Medical technology
Thailand's fertilization technology is comparable to that of the United States. Many countries in Japan, such as Japan, go to Thailand to test tubes. Thanks to the strong support of the Thai government, after more than 20 years of development, other Thai doctors often go to overseas academic exchanges and continue to specialize in technology. Thailand's assisted reproductive technology is now mature.
2. Medical expenses
Thailand's assisted reproductive technology has been developed for more than 20 years and is technically mature. In terms of health care, Thailand is also relatively cheap, especially in comparison with the expensive medical expenses in the United States. Thailand’s consumption level is much cheaper than that of the United States. Anyone who has traveled to Thailand should understand the level of consumption in Thailand. .
3. High success rate
According to statistics, Thailand's success rate is 60%-75%, which is at the leading level in Asia, close to the United States with the highest success rate.
4. Support for Thai policy
Thailand is very close to us. Traveling to Thailand is relatively simple. You only need a passport to sign it directly. There is no clear policy in Thailand to prohibit gender selection. Customers who want to test tubes can also choose gender.

The above is why so many people have chosen the Thai IVF hospital to help pregnant women. Because of these advantages, the Thai test tube has become the choice of most families in China, and the families who go to Thailand to help the pregnancy are also in constant stream.